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MiiNT 2.2

Over the last 6 months the MiPlan team has been feverishly working away at bringing some new and exciting features to MiPlan’s mine production solution MiiNT.  Along with significant performance improvements this latest release further promots MiPlans core beliefs “Simple, Effecient, Reliable.”

The latest version of MiiNT has been released.

Interested in finding out more about this release or how MiiNT can assist your operation feel free to call on +61 400 654 024

Listed below are just some of MiiNT’s new features

Data Importer

Want to get data into the system simply and quickly?  The data importer allows you to configure an import of a csv file.  Simply select the file and the data will be sucked into the system.  With MiiNT’s built in data validation there is minimal risk of the wrong data going into the system.

Report Carousel

Dashboarding is great for seeing a multitude of reports quickly and understanding how an operation is performing.  Take it to the next level through the implementation of the Reporting carousel.  Taking any existing dashboard page and simply hit play to see the report s cycle through on a predefined timeline.  Not only that but the reports automatically refresh ensuring that people are only ever getting the latest data.

Telerik Report Designer Integration

Telerik report designer allows site champions to develop advanced reports.  Custom layouts along with powerful querying ability makes this feature a standout in MiiNT 2.2.Simply build the report utilising the standalone report designer (packaged with MiiNT) and drop into a folder on the server.  From there MiiNT does the rest. End users will be able to consume reports through the portal over any database.

Remember Me

For those users that don’t use active directory there is now the ability for MiiNT to remember who you logged in as.  Now every time you refresh you no longer have to enter you credentials.  To logout simply click the link in the bottom right of the screen.

Improvements and other Features

There has been a major focus on improvements in this release and to many to mention here. Get the full list of improvements and bug fixes when the latest release comes to your operation!!