Suite of Apps for your Operation



Is data Collection and analysis getting on top of your operation?

Having to employ several more people just to enter data?

Taking too much time to get data into your systems onsite?

If you answer yes to any of the above then you should definatey continue to read this article if not then we are sure we can improve your onsite data capture anyway!

Introducing MiApps, a suite of applications for everyday tablets that will help your operation improve effeciencies and gain valuable near real time insight into an operation of any size.

In the past year there has been a rise of 22% in costs of operation. Mining companies require solutions which have the capacity to provide cost savings. Optimisation of production functions requires the real time or near real time processing of data.  This permits significant cost savings to be realised and can reduce the number of persons required on site.

To date  only two real options have been available for data collection and management in the market, manaul plods with data re-entry or in-equipment monitoring systems. Both have significant cost and productivity impacts to an opeartion. Manual data collection prevents pro-active decision making and requires data entry resources to be present at remote operations, the automated solutions are extremely expensive and do not capture many manual labour tasks outside the scope of the solutions i.e drill QA and blast activities

Mobile tablets have the capability to provide a cost effective alternative which can cover all mine production activities. The MiPlan suite of Apps (MiApps) is a revolutionary production tracking and monitoring system aimed at enhancing an operations data capture and analysis.  It provides not only near real time data for interrogation, but also removes the need for paper based plod sheets required on-site

The  solution solves the data capture and real time presentation of data for mine operators so they can optimise their operations, improve the productivity and safety and survive in the tough cost conditions of mining today.

The suite of Apps aims to integrate all areas of data collection undertaken at an operation. From manual activities such as pre-starts and drill hole QA/QC through to in cab monitoring of production.  MiPlan aims to deliver a suite of apps that is not only current in terms of technology but also delivers capability and data collection scope beyond anything else.

Current Apps include MiDrill, MiBlast, MiDig, MiHaul and MiTime.