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Latest Release – MiiNT 2.4

Latest Release – MiiNT 2.4

MiPlan is happy to announce the release of MiiNT 2.4.

This release incorporates a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. One of the most exciting new features is the mapping UI.  Users are now able to visualise their production data through an intuitive UI that allows you to see

  • Drill and Blast patterns with
    • Live updates of the status of holes life cycle.
    • Interrogate multiple patterns or single holes for detailed information
  • Near real time positioning of equipment.
    • Know where equipment is in a second
    • Identify operators and current activities

This step significantly reduces the time to validate data and assists in many areas of an operation. For example maintenance locating a piece of equipment out in the field, or a dill supervisor knowing how many holes are left in a pattern to be drilled.

The new mapping interface is also tablet ready meaning supervisors can now gain near real time access to information out in the field.  Using the Samsung Note as an example tablet, supervisors now have a visual tool to pass instructions to their operators, send information or ideas back to the technical services group and much more.

See how this new technology can empower your operation today !!!

The new site map in MiiNT makes is so easy to visualise and interact with your data through an intuitive interface. Being able to see a drill rig moving across a pattern, while being able to interact with the holes to get actual drill information in near real time is truly empowering

Sam Craig, Solution Architect, MiPlan

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