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Customer Review

Customer Review

EC&M Limited (ECM) is a leading Australian diverse engineering group providing multi discipline construction services, fabrication and maintenance to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors.
Operating from major offices in Perth and Brisbane ECM have strategically located operations and capacity in Australia’s key resources, energy and infrastructure centers.

Outline the works completed by MiPlan

MiPlan were approached to provide ECM with an analysis of the current processes and applications used across the business.  The ultimate deliverable was a report that provided ECM with recommendations for appropriate software packages that would assist in integrating ECMs business areas.  ECM requested that these recommendations were compared and rated against each other.  A secondary objective, which was required to ascertain the primary objective was for MiPlan to also provide ECM with a view of how each business unit completed their responsibilities, and to highlight area’s current processes that were deemed to be inefficient.

How did you hear about MiPlan

Key stakeholders within ECM were aware of MiPlan via their existing business networks.  A meeting with MiPlan where they showcased their BI reporting tool provided ECM with the evidence that MiPlan had industry experience and the expertise to deliver a report matching our requirements.

Why was MiPlan selected over other vendors?

Ultimately MiPlan were selected as they were able to demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge in ECMs core business areas.  This coupled with resources who were able to demonstrate technical knowledge as well as possessing vital people skills that were required to extract the key information from our employees, gave ECM confidence that MiPlan could deliver to ECMs requirements.

Did MiPlan deliver on expectation?

MiPlan set expectations regarding a delivery date and were able to deliver on the committed date.  Their report surpassed ECMs expectations, containing more recommendations than ECM knew existed.

How was it working with the MiPlan consultants?

The MiPlan consultants were knowledgeable and possessed people skills that were vital in performing to determine ECMs key requirements.  Unlike many suppliers MiPlan were open and invited the ECM IT PM to work with them in their offices.  This level of collaboration ensured that the final deliverable was aligned with ECMs requirements.

Would you work with MiPlan in the future?

Should the business need arise I would have no hesitation in approaching MiPlan to provide services for ECM

Any general comments on working with MiPlan?

In summary MiPlan were able to provide skilled resource to complete a deliverable that would have cost ECM a lot more money if they had hired in house temporary contracting resources, and their open and collaborative approach meant there were no surprises (except positive ones) when it came to the final deliverable.